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About Multimin Performance Ready Challenge

What is the Performance Ready Challenge?

The Multimin Performance Ready Challenge is a 12-month program that will see up to ninety farmers experience first-hand the benefits of Multimin Injection with the assistance of industry leaders. Challenger’s will receive a rebate on Multimin product and a Multimin treatment guide developed by Virbac Australia. Challengers will also have a chance at the ultimate prize of an overseas study tour for two people. The prize will offer professional development tailored to the winner and their farming operation. They will also receive a further 12 month supply of Multimin for their livestock.

Challengers will be expected to share their program results and experiences, with a winner announced in April 2021 as judged by Virbac Australia and public.

View our Terms & Conditions for more details.

What do the challengers get?

Selected challengers will each receive a rebate on Multimin Injection to use as outlined in their treatment program. The challengers will also receive 12 months of support from some of Australia’s leading animal health experts.

How do I enter?

Entries open on December 1, 2019 at

How are challengers selected?

We are looking for enthusiastic farmers who are focused on improving their livestock performance. We want to work with farmers who are engaging, personable, ambitious and willing to learn more about how trace minerals can benefit the performance of their livestock.
Our challengers will be required to generate engaging social content and share their results. An active interest in social media will be an advantage.

How long does it go for?

The Multimin Performance Ready Challenge will commence on March 1, 2020 and will end on February 28, 2021.

What do challengers need to do?

Once challenger’s have been selected, they will introduced with their local Virbac Area Sales Manager who will organise their Multimin rebate.

Once challengers have purchased Multimin, they will receive a free welcome kit containing a piece of Multimin branded merchandise
and a treatment plan as per their livestock goals.

Prior to treatment, each challenger will be invited to join a Multimin
training webinar run by Virbac Australia Technical Services Manager, Dr Paula Gonzalez Rivas and other KOL’s in the industry.

Challengers will follow their treatment plan and upload their testimonial to the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge Facebook Group.

Challengers will be expected to effectively administer Multimin Injection to their livestock as per outlined in their specific program. Challengers will be expected to capture and record their results throughout the challenge period.

Challengers will also be required to frequently share testimonials via social media channels and provide Virbac with quality generated content (photos, videos, blogs, etc).

Challengers may be asked to take part in some main-stream media interviews and/or pictures.

How is the winner selected?

One winner per state (7) will be awarded in each challenge round (May, Aug, Nov, Feb) who will make it through to the national
round of judging in March 2021.

Challengers are judged on criteria such as livestock improvements, their level of MPRC promotion on social media and generated
content (testimonial).

If a challenger’s testimonial is shared by Virbac, that challenger will win a prize.

In March 2021, a panel of judges will select 1 top challenger in each weaning, joining and calving category from the winners in each round.

Public voting commences for these 3 challengers to award 1 national MPRC winner.

What is the prize?

The best challenger results as determined by our judges and voters will be deemed the prize winner(s) and will win:

1st place: 12 months of free Multimin product valued at RRP $11,334 (based on 3000x 5 mL doses) and a trip for 2 (winner and 1 guest) to the USA in 2019 to the value of $10,000.

2nd prize: 6 months worth of Multimin product valued at RRP $5,667 (based on 1500 x 5 mL doses).

3rd prize: 6 months worth of Multimin product valued at RRP $5,667 (based on 1500 x 5 mL doses).

Why is Multimin running the Challenge?

The Multimin Performance Ready Challenge will connect Multimin customers with other similar farmers to share their knowledge, outcomes and learnings.

About Multimin

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Where can I buy Multimin?

Multimin is available at your local rural merchandise store.

Or you can contact your local Virbac representative by clicking here.

Where can I find out more information on Multimin?

By clicking here.

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