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About Taroona Pastoral

Together with his brother, Richard operates “Taroona Pastoral” located at Egg Lagoon on the North of King Island, Tasmania. The property comprises of approximately 1,000 hectares which ranges from good heavy soils to sand dunes.

“Taroona Pastoral” runs 525 spring calving cows which are predominately Angus and Black Baldies producing 450-600kg MSA yearlings at 16-20 months.

Richard’s Treatment Program

200 cows will be used to assess improvements in fertility.

Group 1 (n = 100): Multimin treatment
Group 2 (n = 100): Negative control

Parameters to be measured:

  • Body weight
  • Marking rate
  • Conception rates and approximate date of conception

In August 2018 (30 days pre calving), 200 cows will be randomly allocated into either treatment or control groups. Treatment animals will receive a dose of Multimin, and again in October (30 days before joining) and February 2019 at preg testing.

Preg testing will allow us to determined conception rate and during which oestrus cycle the cow conceived.

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Richard’s Social Media Posts #multiminchallenge

CIDR went in the stud cows this morning and the calves got a Multimin shot, the same as all our calves at marking….

Posted by Richard Sutton on Friday, 9 November 2018

It was a great day at the Elders in store day talking to potential new Multimin users #multiminchallenge #makethemove

Posted by Richard Sutton on Thursday, 13 September 2018

The first and second calvers have been through the yards again, this time for a multimin and pour on drench. King Island…

Posted by Richard Sutton on Sunday, 1 July 2018

My observations of these 1st & 2nd calvers is their health looks good, their coat colour is dark and shiny and they are…

Posted by Richard Sutton on Thursday, 31 May 2018

Today I’m selecting a few cattle for processing in early May, they receive a shot of Multimin to get them primed for the boat ride and the MSA grading process #multiminchallenge #grassfedbeef

Posted by Richard Sutton on Monday, 16 April 2018


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