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About Mt Brisbane

Don operates “Mt Brisbane”, a 4,500 hectare breeding and fattening operation in the Brisbane Valley, West of Brisbane. He runs purebred Droughtmaster cattle and a Droughtmaster stud operation.

Don manages the day to day work of the property and is a regular exhibitor of prime cattle at the local shows. He is a classifier with the Droughtmaster Breed and is also on the senior judging panel.

Through better herd and pasture management, Don has recently seen an increase in preg testing rates, however still feels there is room for improvement. Don’s goal is to lift our preg test rates into the 90% to 95% range, and see better compliance rates on steers graded for MSA.

Don currently faces trace mineral issues in his livestock particularly with copper and selenium. His goals include increasing fertility, conception and productivity through the use of Multimin and expert advise from mentor Dr Matt Ball.

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Don’s Treatment Program

Throughout the challenge, Don will treat three classes of stock with Multimin to explore improvements in fertility, immunity, growth, physical phenotype and carcass characteristics.

The three classes are:

  • Maiden heifers – first treatment at 18 months of age
    • Parameters to be measured are conception rate and immune response to Multimin.
  • Replacement heifers – first treatment at 6 months of age
    • Parameters to be measured are visual appraisal of body conformation and if they are selected to stay in the herd or sold.
  • Steers – sold at around 3 years of age
    • Parameters to be measured are dressed carcass weight and carcass characteristics and MSA grade.

Don’s Observations

Maiden Heifers

We saw rapid improvements in the treated animal coats within 4 weeks. Clean coats indicate good heath, and it was noted that the vast majority of the treated mob had much shinier coats than the control mob. This means that the Multimin-treated heifers are maintaining better condition through winter, so that come spring, they’ll respond quicker to the better feed available to them. This being the time when we’ll be joining them, they should get in calf more quickly. We’re really happy with the obvious visual differences already seen, and we look forward to seeing the other results as the heifers continue to grow.








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Thanks to everyone that attended our field day yesterday. A great crowd with informative presentations from our speakers with the opportunity to use the products on the day. Thanks to @virbac_australia for their assistance in organising the day. thanks to kilcoy rural, northern agri services Toogoolawah, Brisbane valley farm supplies, @zeetags_australia, YTex, landmark for attending allowing people to place orders. Dr Bill Roughan from south east country vets, Dr Matt Ball From Virbac, Anthony Feez from YTex and Trevor Wilcox from Zee tags for your informative presentations #multiminchallenge #droughtmaster #somerset #experiencesomerset #grassfedbeef #grassfed #flytags #drench #cattlefarming #beefcattle

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Time to put the bulls out, today we got all our working bulls in their paddocks, our main herd are given a three month joining period, while our Multimin trial heifers are given an eight week joining period. The heifers were given a second treatment of Multimin five weeks before joining. The heifers came out of winter in pretty good condition but it was noted how much better the treated heifers were doing. Bulls will be taken out early January and the heifers will be pregnancy tested in early March, were we will recording preg test rates between treated and untreated heifers and weather the treated heifers got in calf quicker than the untreated heifers. @virbacaustralia #multiminchallenge #multiminchallenger #droughtmaster #droughtmasters #cattle #breeding #grazier #agriculture #somersetdam #qldfarmers #aussiefarmers #australianagriculture #thankafarmerforyournextmeal

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Today we brought in our replacement heifers that are part of the @virbacaustralia multimin performance ready challenge, for their pre joining treatment. These heifers have come through winter very well but there is a big difference in the treated animals vs the controls with the treated animals responding to the warmer weather and little pasture growth we’ve had, better and are putting on weight now and ready for joining in five weeks time, where as the control mob are still carrying winter coats and have not started to put the weight on yet. The bulls go out into this paddock in five weeks time and they will be given an eight week joining period then we will measure how the treated mob compare to the control mob in terms of body condition, preg test and how quickly they got into calf. #multiminchallenge #multimin #droughtmaster #grassfedbeef #farmer #australianagriculture #breeders #qldfarmers

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Only one week to go until the commercial maiden heifers have finished calving. A trouble free year thankfully by…

Posted by Mt Brisbane Droughtmasters on Saturday, 15 September 2018

Treatment day for the Multimin performance ready challenge heifers. detailed report to come

Posted by Mt Brisbane Droughtmasters on Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Pregtesting was all completed a few weeks ago – plenty of Droughtmaster calves hitting the ground come Spring.On the…

Posted by Mt Brisbane Droughtmasters on Wednesday, 20 June 2018

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It all begins today, really excited to start our Multimin performance ready challenge thanks to Dr Matt Ball from Virbac Photo 1: Splitters creek replacement heifers, half treated with Multimin and rest are the control, also given Cydectin long acting, pestiguard and 7 in 1. Photo 2: Spring Flat steers, 50 treated with Multimin, 50 left as control all were given Cydectin long acting when moved to paddock 2 weeks ago. Photo 3: Grasstree weaners heifers. 50 randomly selected to be treated with Multimin while another 50 were randomly selected to be the control mob out of 170 heifers. All weaners were given 3 germ blood, 5 in 1 and Cydectin long acting at weaning. #virbac #virbacaustralia #droughtmaster #multimin #multiminchallenge #farmlife #kuntrygram #beefappreciation

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MSA Compliance – 92% A hectic couple of weeks selling the bullocks, weaning and pregtesting. Now to begin the general…

Posted by Mt Brisbane Droughtmasters on Monday, 28 May 2018

Esk Show done for another year. A good showing of prime cattle from across the Brisbane Valley and down to Goondiwindi…

Posted by Mt Brisbane Droughtmasters on Sunday, 27 May 2018

Thanks to Virbac Australia Primary Producer for this opportunity. We're looking forward to working further with Dr. Matt Ball over the next twelve months through the the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge.

Posted by Mt Brisbane Droughtmasters on Thursday, 5 April 2018

1st Pen of 3 steers showing 2 teeth or lessRESERVE CHAMPION GRASSFED PEN OF STEERS

Posted by Mt Brisbane Droughtmasters on Thursday, 5 April 2018

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