Debbie Geddes

Debbie Geddes


Debbie is a fourth-generation cattle farmer in North East of Victoria at Mudgegonga.

Debbie and her husband Tony have three daughters; Maddison, Taylah and Ryley. They took over the family farm at Mudgegonga in 2010. They are loving life on the farm, they are currently breeding angus cattle and also run a small fat lamb production.

Debbie started using Multimin last year to boost their weaner cattle’s health. They have great confidence that this product works and have noticed a huge difference to their weaners this year to last year.

At Debbie’s last sale their weaners reached a price over $5.00 per kilo, which was an achievement for them that Debbie commented she is very proud of.
Debbie is looking forward to participating in this challenge and seeing the results when she uses her self-replacing heifers in our next breeding season.

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