Alex Willson

About Kalaree Poll Merino

Alex and his wife Steph run “Kalaree Poll Merino”, a stud in the Southern Tablelands region of NSW. They also run a relatively new and expanding cattle enterprise.

Passionate sheep breeders, Alex and Steph breed large, fertile fine/medium Poll Merinos over 3 farms; two adjoining Tarago, NSW and one at Binda, NSW.

Alex and Steph run Merino ewes joined to Poll Dorset rams to sell direct to re-stockers as store lambs. They also run a Poll Merino stud, self replacing Merino enterprise and a second x operation as well as join Merino to Border Leicester to breed their own first x ewes.

Alex and Steph sell most of their x bred lambs finished off winter crop and sell their wether Merino lambs off crop as well.

Alex’s goals for their x bred lambs include increasing weight gains through the use of Multimin and expert advise from mentor Dr Liz Bramley from Cooinda Vets.

Alex’s Treatment Program

  • 355 lambs have been treated with Multimin 3 in 1 trace mineral injection for sheep in September. All treated lambs were tagged to identify treated animals and weighed.
  • 355 were kept as the control group and weighed
  • In November, all lambs will be weighed again to measure average weight gain of treated vs non-treated lambs. Carcass characteristics will also be measured.

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